Ashley Hazen


The Nutshell >

Capture Creative [C+C] is an art + design + philanthropic company that aspires to bring relationships, creative ideas and mind-blowing productivity to the table. For fine art and graphic design solutions, Capture Creative will provide hand+heart-made peace of mind.

The Dirt >

Capture Creative is me, Ashley Hazen, and I hail from Keystone Heights, Florida...a bedroom-town with 2 redlights, dry lake beds and a monumental BBQ joint.

I graduated from Flagler College in art and design in 2006 and headed towards the Rockies for a period of observation. After blazing trails to the west, I adopted a nest, in Riverside/Jacksonville, FL to experience my first career-related job with The Robin Shepherd Group ( <<< talented!!!

After 1.5 years of sponging great art + design + philanthropic skills, I hugged everyone goodbye and took a less traveled path...back to Keystone Heights. It is there I find peace of mind to focus on maintaining those relationships, creative ideas and mind-blowing productivity that have formed a strong foundation for C+C.

The Art >

Counteracting the digital work flow of my world, I create figurative abstract drawings–usually in continuous lines, and usually on the fly. I draw, paint, nail and glue, depending on the motive.

Inspiration is revealed to me through relationships, Sunday sermons and my very own streaming consciousness. I think in visuals and those thoughts are generally materialized on paper, plywood or canvas.

Still interested in learning more about how Capture Creative can lend a hand in solving some of your most fun creative obstacles? Or are you interested in purchasing something you've seen – or possibly interested in commissioning a painting or drawing?

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